27 Feburary, 2016
The Yarra River, Hawthorn.

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What Goes On

Inflatable Regatta 2016 is ready! Experience the Yarra River in the centre of Melbourne with 499 other inflatables.

Rather be a spectator?

The best place to view the event is on the west bank of the Yarra, the Capital City Trail between Bridge Road and Yarra Boulevard. Parking will be extremely limited. Best to cycle, catch a tram or walk to have a look


Let’s be practical, shall we.

Please have a look through the topics below.
If your enquiry is not covered, please contact us

How much does it cost?

$60 for a single boat, $110 for a two person. That includes everything you need for the trip. Read Ticket Info

Can I bring my own boat?

Nope. The boats have to be up to Australian standards and we can’t check everyone that brings their own boat. We’ve done that background work for you.

How long does it take?

About 2 hours to travel 2 kms down the river. That’s if you’re paddling every now and again.

What time does it start?

The first boats launch after 9:30 AM.
When you buy your ticket choose a time best for you.

What should I bring?

x. Your ticket (on your phone or printed out so we can scan you in)
x. Some money for drinks or food after
x. Mobile phone for photos of you and friends (ones you make on the day or ones you already have)
x. Shoes that can get wet.

I have to wear a life jacket?

Yeah. Insurance and Marine Safety Victoria say so. It’s not so bad. You’ll look good.

By myself or float with friends?

You can do it solo or in a two person boat. When we’ve done it in the past the two person boats can be snug, so pair up with someone you’re comfortable with. On the river it’s very social. You can float up to people and chat. Sound travels quite well on the water.

What shouldn’t I bring?

Alcohol or anything too bulky. You can’t take alcohol in the river and there’s not much space on the boats.

The name says “Regatta” – does that mean it’s a race?

No. It’s in the name from when we started the event years ago.

What should I wear?

Something comfortable and something warm enough. On the river it’s a little cooler that on land.

Can I BYO booze for the river?

Nope. Marine Safety Victoria are pretty clear about this one and the insurance won’t cover us if we do. There will be drinks at the end.

How do I get there?

Get the train (to Hawthorn station), or the number 75 tram. There’s not much parking at Yarra Bank Reserve so if you must drive get someone to drop you off.

How many people are going?

About 600 people can participate,
there will be Inflatable Regatta staff
and spectators.

Do I have to go to the end or can we get out anytime?

There aren’t any comfortable places to get out of the boat until you get to the end. If you really need to, yes you can of course, but let one of the Inflatable Regatta people know so we can tick you off the list.


Single Boat

Double Boat

Tickets include everything you’ll need for the trip:
Your boat
A set of oars
A life jacket (one each if you booked a double)
Bottled water
Waterproof bag for valuables
A bailer, to get any water out of the boat if it gets in
A bag for rubbish (if you have any or find any floating in the river)

Volunteers Make It Happen

Interested in Volunteering? Maybe you
 could do with the extra karma, who's to say?

Volunteers get a few cool things for helping on the day. Lunch, t-shirt, maybe a trip on the Yarra. Shifts are 4 hours in the morning or afternoon. You'll need to be at a safety and information briefing a couple of weeks before the event.

BIG Love

Inflatable Regatta 2016 wouldn't happen without these people!

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